Envirotac II, affectionately called Rhinosnot, is a water soluble, vinyl acetate-acrylic copolymer. It is the ultimate soil stabilization and dust abatement product on the market today.

Military & Aircraft Runways & Helicopter Pads Golf Fields & Sports Fields Unpaved Roads & Heavy Haul Roads Park Trails & Paths Lawns & Gardening & Landscaping Bicycle Motocross Hydroseeding & Mulch Tackifier Slope Stabilization & Dust Control Landfill Liners

Envirotac II is a high performance, environmentally-safe, low cost acrylic copolymer. When applied to soils or sands, it will penetrate and coat the surface. Upon drying, Envirotac forms a water-proof, UV-resistant, solid bond which binds the soil particles. Increasing the concentration of Envirotac II, can create highly durable surface that will be pliable and hard enough to minimize surface damage and withstand heavy traffic.

Envirotac II is a proprietary blend of polymers that use proven long-chain nano-technology to form complex bonds at the microscopic level between aggregates. Envirotac II allows existing soils and sands that would normally have no load bearing capabilities, to be used for roads, parking lots, trails and other heavy traffic areas – at a fraction of the cost of traditional asphalt construction.

Envirotac II is an environmentally safe, non-hazardous material that can be used for “Green Roads”. A road surface made from Envirotac II produces 70% less toxic air pollutants then a traditional asphalt road and reduces the overall green house gas footprint by 80%!

Envirotac II is used also for fugitive dust control at construction sites, mine tailings, embankment stabilization and erosion control. Its water-proof seal can be used as liners for ponds and landfills.

Envirotac II is the preferred soil stabilization and dust control product used by the U.S. military for roads, life support areas, air field and landing zone development.