Envirotac is very easy to use. If you can spray water, you can apply Envirotac. Virtually anything that can spray water will serve as the primary application vehicle. After that it’s really a matter of what the intended use is. So you would be using a different application method if you would be putting it on a park trail or in contrast a heavy haul road. Or for a seed tackifier in an erosion control application.


The United States Military has been using Rhino Snot (Envirotac II) for many years now. We first introduced Rhino Snot in Yuma, Arizona where it was applied over the proving grounds for soil stabilization so that airplanes such as Harriers and helicopters could land dust free over sandy areas. Since then it has been used in the Middle East and is the Military’s number one choice for dust control.


EP&A has over twenty years of experience helping with the Military and the Department of Defense building airstrips in far away places around the world. If the U.S. Military trusts EP&A to build their landing strips, so can you!

Unpaved  Roads

Envirotac II has been used all over the world on unpaved roads.  When applied it cements the soil particles together increasing compaction and creating a tough layer of protection.  This eliminates dust, ruts and wash boarding.  It can easily be applied out of anything that sprays water and can be applied topically (if good compaction has been established) or mixed in.  It holds up for 10 to 14 months before a light maintenance application is needed.  If your road presents a challenge consider the product that has been used by many governments to home owners associations through out the world.  Use Envirotac II.


Envirotac II has been effectively used as a sub-base for roads out performing a standard rock base in performance and significantly in cost. Envirotac II has been a preferred choice by many Departments of Transportation’s replacing rock base and then having a cinder seal sprayed over. Contact us today for references.


Envirotac II is used on construction sites commonly to increase efficiency and lower job costs. After a pad is graded apply Envirotac II to stabilize the pad this will maintain the integrity of the pad and eliminate dust caused by de-vegetation. This also saves on the cost of having water trucks maintain the site. After an application of Envirotac II the area no longer needs to be maintained by water trucks. The application is incredibly affordable and can last 12 months or greater.

SWPPP (Erosion and Sediment Control)

Envirotac II is great for SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) when applied to slopes it will eliminate erosion and sediment run-off. When applied it will bond the soil particles together with an environmentally safeplastic film. This film will stabilize the hill/slope not allowing sediment to be carried down by water or wind, it will also protect not allowing water to absorbed in the soil eliminating the threat of erosion ruts. It has been proven to be more effective and a lot more affordable than erosion blankets and such.


Our Company, Environmental Products and Applications has a long history with the Mining Industry. It was US Borax, in Boron, CA that gave us our start over 20 years ago. Since then we do over a thousand acres of tailings a year and our product Envirotac II has been sprayed over 50,000 acres of tailings. In all of our experiences we have never had to go back due to failure. Through our contacts in the mining industry we have engineered various types of equipment from hydroseeders to floatation tractors (capable of spraying over 40 acres per day) specially designed to withstand the challenging environment that tailings present. Our product has also been used exclusively on haul roads to reduce dust and water consumption with out the side effects presented by a magnesium chloride and such. Please feel free to contact us for mining references.

Parks & Recreation

Municipal, county, state and federal parks all need dust control for their trails and in some cases parking lots. No job is too small for EP&A and we can help you solve any trail erosion and dust control you may need. Unlike magnesium chloride, you only need to apply it approximately once a year helping cut down costs and to save on your scarce budget dollars.


BMX and moto-cross tracks are an up and coming market place for Rhino Snot. It is a perfect product for maintaining the dirt roads used in these competitions.

Cart Paths

Cart paths are easily maintained through using Enviortac II and a great application for it.

Parking Lots

Asphalt and concrete can be very cost prohibitive for building a simple parking lot next to your home, apartment building or business. When the rain comes the dirt erodes away. Using Rhino Snot and it’s unique nanotechnology copolymer you can have a parking lot without all of the expenses, dust and erosion usually associated with parking lots.

Staging Yards

If you have a large project both temporary or permanent and you need a staging yard, Envirotac II is a perfect product for you. The beginning phases of a project are usually the most dusty and when you want to keep your neighbors happiest and not complaining about your big new project.

Rhino Snot is great for keeping dust down and the earth firm for these sorts of projects.