How long does it take to cure?

Envirotac II will cure within 2-24 hours depending on the temperature.

What is the penetration depth of the product?

Normal surface treatment penetrates 3/4? (2cm) deep. Application method, soil type and compaction are the determining factors.

What is the effect of cold weather on this product?

Cold weather will increase cure times.

What about freezing the product?

Freezing Envirotac II is not recommended. Polymers will coagulate and decrease the original strength.

What are the performance factors with laying down Envirotac II?

The following factors determine how long Envirotac II will perform:

  • Amount of Envirotac II used (coverage rate)

  • Depth of Penetration/Treatment

  • Degree of Soil Compaction

  • Type of Soil

  • Volume & Weight of Vehicle Traffic

What is the normal life-span after an application?

Unpaved Roads: 12 – 24 months+
Dust Control: 12 – 16+ months
We can custom design longer/shorter periods as needed.

What about follow up applications after the initial application?

Once performance has reached the limits of its longevity, a follow-up application is necessary to restore and rejuvenate its optimal performance. Reapplying Envirotac II to a previously treated area requires usually only 20% of the original application amount to achieve the same results.

Can it be diluted with salt water?

ENVIROTAC II can be diluted in salt water (max 4% salt).

What happens with rain and precipitation?

Envirotac II does not dissipate (wash away) with rain. Heavier concentrations, will actually waterproof the treated surface.

What about decreased application rates/mixtures?

Decreasing the application rate (increased coverage) will result in reduced strength, longevity and performance.

How do I clean application equipment after applying it on surfaces?

Envirotac II is water-soluble. Application equipment should simply be rinsed out after use. Cured (hardened) Envirotac II is still water-soluble but requires some effort.

How can I use Envirotac for hydro-seeding?

A hydroseeder is recommended to mix and apply seed, mulch and Envirotac II together.

Does silty or alkaline soil pose a problem for Envirotac II?

SPEEDIE & Associates laboratory report on “clayey” and “silty-sand” performance show no degradation in performance.

When roads with high clay content contain an “asbestos-like” mineral, such as Erionite, can Envirotac II effectively deal with this stabilization problem?

Environtac II can bind Erionite with clay (although clay may present some superficial hairline cracking) without compromising the strength and durability of the product; thereby, preventing the Erionite from becoming airborne in potentially cancer causing dust clouds; hairline cracking can be treated with an annual maintenance top coating.